About Us

                                                  Danny Diamonds & Co has been a trusted private luxury jeweler for over 15 years providing a discreet clientele with personalized lifestyle custom diamond jewelry pieces that are hard hitting iced out wearable art.

After pursuing his early career behind a jeweler’s workbench and perfecting the various aspects of the jewelry making process with workshop studio experience, a lifetime passion was born for detail oriented and fine crafted pieces for a custom approach.

DD & CO was established to offer top notch client private experience for ultimate fine jewelry designing and shopping. Our Signature Jewelry Collection is known for bold designs, fine precious materials and natural diamonds that hit hard.

We believe jewelry is meant to tell your story and deserves custom attention where we take great pride in creating your personalized jewelry from concept to finished piece.

Artistic interpretation, attention to detail, finely executed artisanship each critical, and together all necessary to create the perfect piece of custom fine jewelry. It starts with an idea, it becomes a vision, and is brought to life in our hands.

We are here to guide you through the process with confidence. Through our private jeweler concierge service, we maintain the highest of standards when it comes to creating fine diamond jewelry.